Acrylic Works by Evan Karatzas

I explore abstract imagery and mark-making through the use of non-digital drawing tools and processes – artist-created systems that generate expressive visual structures.

Working with acrylic ink and paint on handmade paper, gesture and the use of system rules are central themes in my investigation of form and composition with unpredictability and intentionality holding equal value. My focus on traditional materials and techniques represent an intentional departure from the digital tools that have shaped my professional work for more than three decades. My interest in high-contrast forms and constraint and rules-based processes has origins in my 35-year career as an interaction designer and agency owner.

My career as a studio owner and creative executive, notably as Founder and CEO, now Board Chair at Proximity Lab, has included work in academic and non-profit circles including teaching graduate-level design courses at the Dynamic Media Institute at MassArt where I recieved my MFA in Communication Design. I’ve also helped launch several creative non-profit ventures – as a founding board member and donor at 3S Artspace and as Co-Founder and organizer at TEDxPortsmouth.

“It's been interesting to see which skills and approaches carry over from my UX agency life to my work as a fine artist – and where that overlap doesn't seem to exist at all.”